Conserve and Preserve

At ProVantage we believe we should take all reasonable measures to ensure we leave generations to come with a planet that is as healthy as possible. In order to be responsible stewards, ProVantage is implementing the following initiatives:

Green Investments: ProVantage donates money to various groups in order to preserve prairie lands, wetlands and coastal waters and various species of animals and fish.

Buy from Eco-Friendly Companies: At every opportunity, ProVantage purchases goods and services from eco-friendly companies.

Power Down Equipment: ProVantage makes sure sleep modes are set and powers down computers and electronics to cut the use of electricity.

Go Paperless: ProVantage utilizes online services and digital documentation as much as possible.

Print Front and Back: When going paperless is not an option, we will make the most of the paper used.

Use Recyclable Print Cartridges: When possible, ProVantage uses recyclable and/or solid-ink print cartridges which can reduce waste by 90%.

Recycle Computers and Electronics: About 40 percent of the lead found in landfills today comes from discarded electronics.

Break Room: ProVantage promotes the use of reusable containers and thermoses for snacks and lunches instead of plastic bags, juice boxes and prepackaged snacks.

Reduce Junk Mail: One hundred million trees are ground up each year to create junk mail; therefore, ProVantage has opted out of receiving mail order catalogs, credit cards and insurance offers.

Energy Efficient Lighting: ProVantage uses compact florescent light bulbs when replacing old light bulbs.

Pass Green Along: With over 500 employees throughout the country, ProVantage can help change many households throughout the country. In order to educate our staff, ProVantage has a section in our online employee handbook and electronic newsletter on being more environmentally friendly.