Dwayne, Thanks for the savings. It’s this kind of business ethics that makes it a mutually beneficial relationship.

To Tim Class and team:
“ This team was awesome!!! From the time they walked through the doors in the morning until the time they left for the day, they worked hard nonstop. The help they provided was essential to keep our business running during this tough time here onLong Island. Great team!!!”

I believe you all are making a BIG IMPACT at ProVantage. Keep up the GREAT WORK and SUPPORT… THANK YOU… This is what sets our process apart from all the rest…

Thanks and your team has done very well, they are organized and work well as a team. Whatever training systems you have in place, with my team anyway, have worked well. I hope to be able to work with them again.

To Carla Dorsett and team:
“Team was excellent both in communication and execution. We would like to keep them!”

Please pass along to Mark and his entire team that we really appreciate all the hard work put in down in the Florida stores over the past few weeks. Everyone involved on the walks were extremely pleased with the level of detail in the stores. Mark is not only a great communicator and leader but ensures that we execute the standards expected at a high level.

Your team did an outstanding job!

Dwayne- thank your teams for all of the hard work they did on site there.

Thanks so much to all of you for the great contributions that you are making! You all have raised the bar once again and are exceeding my expectations. I appreciate your sense of team, your positive attitudes and your leadership. It’s great that all of you are consistently communicating with me and Bobby, and sharing your ideas and thoughts on how to improve the process. Every day Bobby and I talk about how great you are and how proud we are of our daily successes – and it’s because of you! Thanks again for doing IT each and every day!

I have received great feedback on the teams that you have sent out. I would like to talk next week after we are complete and review the feedback. We are very excited about the performance on our first install project together.