Community Builders Initiative

In addition to monthly donations to charities selected by our employees, ProVantage gives a substantial amount of our income to the communities we serve each year. Many people talk of building wealth; however, we believe that building true wealth means to prosper enough so that we have the ability to make donations to Christian organizations.

Continuing to Learn Initiative

We believe in continuing to foster knowledge through higher education. We are fortunate to collaborate with Campbell University, Wake Forest University, Liberty University, and North Carolina State University to provide opportunities for students and give scholarships as deemed. Not everyone has access to higher education for a variety of reasons therefore, in conjunction with Campbell University, we created an opportunity in-house for our own employees called ProVU. ProVU provides an opportunity each month for our employees to learn new skills to advance their careers taught by professors of Campbell free of charge to our employees.



Campbell University
ProVantage is partners with Campbell University to offer management training through “ProVU”. ProVantage offers WebEx sessions on a set of core management skills for our employees each month. While we realize our industry has a unique set of challenges, we believe great managers posses a set of skills that can be used in many industries. We hope that with the help of Campbell University these skills can be sharpened to help our teams be as efficient and successful as possible. This training isn’t just to create great ProVantage managers and leads, but rather great LEADERS!


What Our Clients Are Saying

“We really appreciate all the hard work put in down in the Florida stores over the past few weeks. Everyone involved on the walks were extremely pleased with the level of detail in the stores. Your Team Lead is not only a great communicator and leader but ensures that we execute the standards expected at a high level.