Teamwork is a cornerstone to maintaining our Spirit of Excellence, and having a We Before Me attitude is a significant part of our culture here at ProVantage. We want to ensure that our teams operate smartly and efficiently on every project.

Agile teams are much more effective at solving problems than lone geniuses. In today’s more open world, work done by teams and communities provides a more quality finished product, and we need to rethink which skills have become the most valuable.

Below are tips to enhance crucial teamwork skills that will create an optimal environment and give you a competitive edge.

Be an active listener

How often have you conversed with someone, only to find yourself repeating the same information to that person more than once? Great teams are full of great listeners.

Simple gestures, such as maintaining direct eye contact with the speaker, and non-verbal cues, like head nodding, are great ways to show that you are listening attentively.

It’s also important not to interrupt the speaker. Allow them to say everything that needs saying before responding.

And don’t be afraid to take notes or ask questions when discussing a topic you don’t fully understand. It will make a clear impression to the person speaking with you that you are interested in learning and in what they are telling you.

When team members start actively listening to each other, everyone becomes smarter.

Give honest feedback

Teamwork requires communication — a lot of it. It needs to be frequent and constant.

It’s not enough to wait until the end of the year to share feedback on someone’s performance. There needs to be a continuous flow of information between all team members — and most of it needs to be positive. Your associates should be encouraged to say “Great job!” and “Thank you!” to each other far more than they should share criticism.

At the same time, individuals must be willing to confront the hard truths about their performance without becoming defensive. We are all a team, and we want to see each other thrive in what we’re doing.

The idea is to build a sense of accountability among a team’s members where people watch each other’s backs — not look to stick a knife in them.

Value the contributions of your teammates

We all want our peers to see us as smart and capable, especially in the workplace. Positively contributing to the team or community will earn you influence and trust — not your ability to show off how smart you are.

Great team members are willing to admit they don’t have all the answers. A smart team member will seek help from the rest of the team to discuss problems. Doing so is far more effective than taking on the burden of figuring out all the answers alone.

Rather than seek personal awards and achievements above all else, value your teammates’ contributions to group accomplishments. Doing so opens the entire group up to more opportunities.

Individuals that are team players are more likely to be called to participate in cross-functional team projects, allowing them to enjoy broader experiences across the organization.

When you and your teammates display these skills, you’ll make better decisions and have better engagement, execution, and results. How smart is that?


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