Empowering Your Life: A Positive Guide to Shaping Your Future

Have you ever considered what your own eulogy might say? Would it make you happy, or would you feel like you’ve missed out? This deep question makes us think about our lives and where we’re headed in the future.

Death is often viewed as a taboo topic, but what if embracing our mortality could propel us forward? What if crafting your eulogy could serve as a blueprint for the future, guiding you toward a more fulfilling existence?

Drafting your own eulogy offers numerous advantages. It can bring purpose, motivation, and clarity and serve as a compass for personal and professional values, encouraging intentional actions and deepening your understanding of priorities.

By empowering yourself to make purposeful decisions that align with your core beliefs and aspirations, you envision the legacy you wish to leave behind and the future you aim to have.

This exercise acts as a compass for seizing opportunities and challenges, and living a life filled with significance, contentment, and purpose.

While the idea of composing your own eulogy may seem unorthodox, numerous leaders worldwide have embraced it, and I encourage each of us at ProVantage Corporate Solutions to try our hand at this exercise.

But how does one go about penning their own eulogy? Don’t simply look at your achievements; consider the recurring themes that narrate the story of your life.

Reflect on your upbringing, educational pursuits, professional endeavors, relationships, hobbies, and personality traits. Envision how you’d like to be remembered by your peers, loved ones, and community.

Allow yourself the space to dive deep into introspection as you write. Some find it helpful to start with a draft as if they were to pass away today before envisioning themselves at different stages of life. Your goal should be to craft a eulogy that resonates with you personally.


Once your draft is ready, take some moments to read it over. Does it evoke any emotions? Does it mirror your values and aspirations? Once you’ve answered these questions, break down your eulogy into actionable steps that can guide you towards manifesting your vision. What habits can you change to foster growth and inch closer to your objectives?

Remember, this exercise is a journey of self-discovery, designed to inspire and steer you. So, take some time this week to pen your own eulogy.

Embrace the chance to dream boldly, set audacious goals, and craft a life that reflects your true essence. Explore how each decision can contribute to the growth and legacy you aspire to leave behind, and let it propel you towards purposeful living every day.

Together, let’s strive to make our eulogies a testament to lives rich in experience and careers brimming with fulfillment.

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