Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan are not considered the best players in their respective sports because of one game or tournament — they maintained consistency in their greatness year after year through unfathomable work ethic, leadership, and devotion. Elon Musk is not considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever because of one idea he brought to life. He worked day in, day out to achieve his accomplishments. Musk perfected a new payment system (PayPal), an electric car company (Tesla), a satellite internet service (StarLink), reusable rocket fleets (SpaceX), a traffic/freight solution through tunnels (The Boring Company), a brain device to stop paralysis (Neuralink), etc.

The best team members are not considered great because of one task they completed or one problem they solved. They show up every day, give their best effort, support their colleagues, and bring positivity to the workplace.

Consistency is what makes all of these individuals the greatest in their field.

Preventing cavities doesn’t occur because you brush your teeth once a month — it comes from brushing your teeth twice every day.

Your significant other’s love doesn’t come from one date, one trip, or one gift — it comes from the long car rides, goofy interactions, and continued support you show them (what I like to call the ‘in-between times’).

You don’t get in shape by working out once a year for nine hours straight — you do so by working out every day for 20 minutes each session.


Consistency makes these small positive tasks a foundation for a happy and prosperous life.

Consistently stacking one task atop another will eventually build a stairway to personal and professional satisfaction. But you have to commit to it!

So enjoy that sunrise, and call that friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Take a walk with your dog. Tell a coworker they are important to you. Eat the healthier food option. Wake up on your first alarm notification. Drink that extra cup of water. Finish reading that book you started. Stretch once per day. Support that person struggling through a break-up. Learn something new. Find a new song, and take a weekend trip to explore — JUST KEEP STACKING!

As you consistently stack these small, positive tasks on top of each other, you will feel fresher, more energized, less stressed, more connected to others, and more resilient. Each task means little on its own, however, as you build upon them, one by one, they will grow into a force that will not stop. It just takes consistency!

Written by Houston Hawley, Vice President

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