“I am so proud to say that I work for this company. In this industry, they are the best, and special thanks to the people at the office for what they do for me and Katty.”

– Steve Mellott, Field Rep.


Get Paid to Travel

Discover America with ProVantage as we work on projects across the nation. Working with Big Box retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Menards, we do New Store Set Ups and Remodels in all 50 States. 

New Store Set Ups and Remodels

Experience retail services on the front line as we set fixtures such as gondolas and steel racking, merchandise product, install signage, build millwork, and set the store to pure perfection for our clients.

Our ProVantage Fit n' Finish

Our teams setting merchandise to ProVantage’s standard of quality.  Our Fit n’ Finish sets us apart and creates beautifully merchandised shelves.  

Spirit of Excellence

Our teams clean up existing fixtures during a remodel to prep them for new merchandise.  We want the existing fixtures to blend in with the new!

Light Carpentry and Heavy Installation

Learn how to read blueprints and get certified to operate machinery. Our teams help build lumbar yards and set steel racking.

ProVantage in the Field

Many of our clients have heavy installation opportunities such as building outdoor lumbar yards and setting steel racking.

Our teams are trained and get certified to operate equipment such as forklifts and scissor lifts. Not only do they use power tools like drills and hand saws; these teams require heavy lifting as well.

Join our team today! Experience retail services with the best.


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