Ways Collaboration Can Lead Your Team to Success

“Great results are achieved by working together with collaboration and cooperation.”

— We Before Me

We’ve all heard this at least once while working on a new store setup, reset, or remodel, and that statement would be correct!

The opening quote comes from our We Before Me core value. It is a value that our company holds dearly and one that our teams apply to every project.

Collaboration in the workplace brings your team together, promotes clear, concise communication, and improves problem-solving. Effective collaboration leads to more innovation, fewer mistakes, and increased workplace efficiency. 

The countless times collaboration has led to a team’s success speaks for itself, and we’d love to see our teams continue to add to that number!

Here are some of the benefits that occur when your team successfully collaborates in the workplace.

Improved Problem-Solving and Skill Sharing

Collaborative environments help teammates learn from each other.

If you run into a task you need clarification on, ask your teammate for their advice or input! Not only will your teammate help you complete the task at hand, but you might learn something from them during the process!

Having multiple people on a team with different skills and specialties will collectively improve problem-solving capabilities and creative thinking, thus increasing the team’s ability to adapt on the fly if needed.


Enhanced Communication and Team Participation

Collaboration and communication go hand-in-hand. If your team has open communication, there is a good chance collaboration is already taking place.

A team that collaborates well feels comfortable sharing their ideas and suggestions, which can lead to more effective processes and a better understanding of the task(s) at hand.

But there’s more to communication than face-to-face interactions. Cruxos, our in-house project management software, is an integral piece to our puzzle of successful communication. 

Through Cruxos, you can check tasks off your list and see your teammates’ current tasks, who is responsible for each task, and how it affects everybody’s work.

When you maximize communication by speaking face-to-face and staying up-to-date on Cruxos, you’ll find yourself on a team with aligned goals and a knowledge of the workflow, and an ambition to achieve these goals for the betterment of the entire team.

Proven Efficiency and Success

When everyone on a team understands their tasks and duties, the work will get done faster and more accurately.

A study done by Stanford found those working in a collaborative setting are 50% more effective when completing tasks and are more motivated to finish their individual work and help their teammates with additional tasks.

As a Team Lead, collaboration allows you to provide different responsibilities to each team member. As a result, your team will stay organized and ready to tackle their tasks with a Spirit of Excellence and a We Before Me attitude!


If you consider all the benefits of collaboration and promote it daily to your team members, your team’s performance skyrocket by the end of your current project!


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